Hans Atrott Cross And Crime

Cross And Crime

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"Jesus Christ" denied that there is a "Last Judgement," "heaven" or "hell" (to come), (see: Lu 17:20-21). "Religion," "truths" and "love" etc. are that what one makes others believe according to the credo (of megalomania) a) faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20) and the truths anyway and b) "do not resist the evil" (Mt 5:39). Since the sinners, cannot comply with the notions of god, truths, ethics, love, and religion, they shall adapt those terms corresponding to their depravities. Hence, the only thing that came and always is going to occur is the Christians' criminal record but no heaven. Hans Henning Atrott, also called: Hans Atrott, was born 12 January 1944 in Klaipeda (Lithuania). He studied philosophy, political science and sociology (of medicine) at Munich University. Atrott is the founder and first president of the German society for voluntary euthanasia (D.G.H.S.) and former secretary (executive director) of the "World Federation of Right to Die Societies". In 2009, he published the book, Jesus' Bluff. He is mentioned in many languages of Wikipedia.

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